Sampha drops New Short Film ‘Process’

South-London singer Sampha joined forces with filmmaker Kahlil Joseph to create a short film entitled ‘Process’  which shares the same name as his album. The film is 36 mins long and features various performances featuring “ghostly spiritual surfer guides, crop circle dance formations, time altering narrative leaps,” and performances by Sampha.

The film was dedicated to Sampha’s mother who passed away from cancer in September 2015. “It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with Kahlil and his whole team,” said Sampha on Instagram. “They’ve been so humble and sensitive with me in creating this film. I’m really proud of it and happy it’s being shared.”

If you’re about in London or New York, check out the public screenings of the film over the next couple weeks.

Full details below :

Storefront Locations (31 March – 14 April)
London: 58 Great Eastern Street and 10 Dray Walk
Brooklyn: 55 Wythe Avenue, 101 Bedford Avenue, and 106 North 6th Street

Wallscape Projections (31 March, 1 April, 7 April, 14 April)
London: Shoreditch High Street Station and Brick Lane (7.40pm-12.40am)
Brooklyn: North 7th and Bedford (7.30pm-12.30am)

Check out a preview below, and head over to Apple Music to catch additional clips.