New data has revealed that two in five (40%) people would feel too embarrassed to talk about lube on a first date and nearly half (40%) would rather discuss their ex’s than talk about lube on a first date.

Durex, with the help from dating app Thursday is on a mission to break the lube taboo and get everyone talking about #lubeoutloud, helping us all slip it into conversation from the very first date.

According to data, women are putting up with sexual discomfort as many may not know that dryness can be a cause, with nearly three quarters (73%) of women having experienced discomfort during sex.

This is contributing to as many as two in three women not feeling fully sexually satisfied.

Thursday launched a poll on Instagram that revealed that 80% would wait up to six months before talking about lube, and over one in 10 (13%) would never bring up using lube with a sexual partner.

Data also revealed that whilst nine in ten women say sex feels better with lube, less than five in ten will buy it. With help from Thursday, Durex is here with the Naturals lubes range to encourage everyone to feel comfortable and confident talking about lube. Together they want to help make every first conversation extra juicy, banishing taboos around lube and helping the nation to have better sex, every day.

Dating expert Jess Wreford, from Thursday, shares her advice on why it’s so important to talk about being wet or dry and just how you can easily bring it into conversation when dating:

“For sure, sex chat can be nerve wracking when you first connect with someone but there’s no reason to be embarrassed, it’s completely natural. If the thought of bringing up lube feels awkward, remember that it doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation – as women are naturally drier for 2/3 of the month and despite there still being a taboo around the subject, using lube in the bedroom is perfectly normal. In fact, I believe it should be encouraged!

My top tips for slipping lube into the convo:

  1. Start as you mean to go on. Being open and honest from the get-go will mean you and your partner/s will be more likely to have more satisfying sex as soon as you decide to give it a go
  2. Confidence and knowing what you want is sexy, don’t be afraid to be clear that something like lube is a way to help elevate sexual pleasure
  3. Humour can be a great way to ease up conversations, try keeping things lighthearted
  4. Bring your partner/s into the choice and remind them that lube can increase the pleasure for both of you – choose lube for you, together”

Nikki Hayward at Durex commented:

Durex hopes that with a little bit of help, we can all ditch the lube taboo so that everyone can enjoy more satisfying sex and confidently talk #LubeOutLoud. We know it’s not always the easiest conversation to have, but by encouraging more open and honest conversation early on, we think lube can become a natural and easy part of sex.”

Durex and Thursday this week hit the streets to ask the public how they feel about lube. Watch how things went here

You can also join Durex and Thursday who are hosting an exclusive singles night with a difference this week. Singles will be encouraged to talk about lube usage whilst meeting new connections for the very first time!

Date: 24th November, 2022

Time: 19:00-02:00

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