King Kay Unveils The Too Deep Video

UK rapper King Kay is back with visuals to his hypnotic track Too Deep. Kay linked up with acclaimed director Dir.Lx to release some high class visuals. The instrumental for this track may sound familiar to many listeners as it is actually a remix of the DVSN track of the same name.  The way the original Too Deep is remixed allows the track to keep its sultry R&B vibes whilst still appealing to the hip-hop audience.

Speaking about his inspiration for ‘Too Deep’, King Kay says, “I’ve always been a big DVSN fan, and as soon as I heard the track I knew I had to do my own take. I also wanted rework it such that it feels like a completely new song. The lyrics kinda jump between me sweet-talking a significant other, and also me venting about how I get slept on. I think we can all relate to something on this record”.

King Kay is already listed for two Unsigned Music Awards, so be sure to keep your eye on this UK rapper.

Words – Martin Viashima @MartinViashima