We caught up with Bristol based DJ/ Producer Reesh Abbas aka Sin’emar from section24.

Where are u based?

I’m just in Bristol, juggling Uni and work with my production on the side.

What is section24, your section24?

Well it’s another platform for the clubbing and music scene, primarily down South but this is just talking short term. We hope to grow in England, maybe span off to the major cities. Hastings for now is like an open book so it seems sensible to build on that first. Also we are all from Hastings, and want to work with the local businesses and organisations to see some positive movement’s blossom out of our town.

How did you get your name?

Um…so. I won’t get into it fully but we used to get a lot of hassle from the local authorities when we were younger and this is kinda like the positive that evolved from that against the expectations.


What genre of music can we  expect to hear from you?

I find that it limits us when we try to stick to one type of genre. I play what I feel like at the time. However we mainly play House, Techno, Garage…sustaining the roll of the dj. BUT our roots all stem from different directions so you can expect anything really. Our driving force is good quality music in a time where real music is becoming unknown.

Who influences you in this point in time?

Wow. You know I’m always searching for new music trying to get an overall view on what we call music in the present time. It seems impossible because there are always new artists, new styles, and new ideas. It’s a very interesting time for music right now.

My influences stem from people like Theo Parrish, Falty dl, Four Tet…I mean I could go on and on. What I love about their styles is that they infuse aspects of the past with the future, which on the surface seems obvious but I mean with the technological advances, creating new ways in making music, a lot of the past gets lost and it’s great to see an artist use the tools of the future with the backbone of Motown. Jazz. Soul. Funk. You’d think that were going back on ourselves but that era is timeless and should be used to the full.

What  vibe are you trying to capture at one of your nights?

Well were only small right now so the ideas coming out of it aren’t totally realistic at this point in time because of finances and capacity etc… But like for instance in Bristol there’s a night called ‘Just Jack’. Highly recommend it to anyone who may be passing through Bristol. They have this Cirque du Soleil type theme with fire breathers, jesters, clowns…it’s really something. They set the scene, which is what we want to do, kinda like an alternate reality. You can step through and you don’t have to be the person you walked in as you can leave all your baggage at the door and have a good time. But as I said it’s still early, we need to get that cake up first.

What would you like to say to the readers?

Yeah I just want to say a big shout out to everyone putting in work: The Electric Stag, Soundproof, and U Wot Blud for helping to develop a scene in our small seaside town. Shout outs to Respond Academy/Rebel radio. Shouts to Pavv, Whytea. All the Dj’s who played at our nights or will play at our nights. Shout outs to our designer Issak Shorter, you can view his work at And yeah shouts to everyone who’s actually come to our nights….there’s no we without u, bless x

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