Gucci Joins In On the Meme Culture

Luxury brand Gucci shows that everyone enjoys a good meme. The designer brand has captured the interest of a whole new demographic since Alessandro Michelle’s take over. Michelle continues to make Gucci as relatable as a designer brand could possibly get, especially in the digital age. Michelle also proves that he isn’t afraid to poke fun of the brand and everything associated with it by joining in with the ever growing meme culture.

Gucci launched the #TFWGucci (the feeling when Gucci) on their Instagram to promote their latest launch Les Marché Des Merveilles collection of watches. The hashtag featured a collection of original hillarious memes made by popular twitter and Instagram meme accounts including @beigecardigan @johnyuyi @pollynor. Each visual artist, and meme creator creates a meme in their own style and humour. Some pieces draw on existing popular memes such as the starter packs, Arthur’s fist and medieval reactions.

Check out some of our favourites below, and head to the Gucci instagram for more couture memes.

#TFWGucci Sebastian Tribbie Matheson @Youvegotnomale is a ruthless meme maker. The snark starts with his account’s name. In between taking selfies and posting them to his 40,000 followers on Instagram, he creates images that take aim at popular fashion and social culture. No target is safe, from ordering on Seamless to cliché emoji usage. Here, Sebastian uses the starter pack meme, in which a group of images and objects are clustered together to represent the stereotype of a particular style or personality. For #TFWGucci he takes on Gucci, adopting the brand’s recent hallmarks, like embroidery, patches, and 70s glasses. @harinef and @petrafcollins make appearances, as does the #LeMarchédesMerveilles timepiece. Gucci = owned. — Text by @kchayka. Read more through link in bio.

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