Grime Royalty Is Currently Arguing Via Twitter

grime dizzee rascal wiley

Two of the biggest names in grime Dizzee Rascal and Wiley are currently beefing on twitter about who really is the godfather of grime!┬áThis isn’t the first time this year the long standing feud between the two has been reignited as only a couple of months ago. The two were beefing after rumours emerged of a new diss track by Dizzee aimed at Wiley.

The most recent argument started yesterday when a promo tweet by Twickets called Dizzee Rascal the grime godfather. A title which Wiley has been calling himself for a while now and his latest album is called Godfather.

Never one to shy away from beef Wiley took to his twitter to call Dizzee out for trying to steal his title. This then set out of a flurry of tweets between the two with Rascal accusing Wiley of sleeping with underage women and not being the godfather of grime as it was doing the rounds long before “I Luv U or Eskimo”. Wiley has been accusing Dizzee of doing it all in the name of free promotion for Dizzee’s Raskit tour which starts tomorrow in Liverpool. And of course Wiley couldn’t resist claiming he is the reason for Dizzee’s career.

Some of the insults include Dizzee calling Wiley a nonce for sleeping with an ex Djs sister who at the time was 14 years old. He then went on to say that for his actions Wiley was beaten to near death with Tinchy Stryder witnessed the beating and was in tears because of it. Tinchy however distanced himself from this.

Since then Raskit has threatened to “Kill Wiley” in a now deleted tweet. The beef has taken an even more personal turn with the pair arguing about what happened in Ayia Napa, which is the reason they fell out in the first place, (Dizzee believes that it’s Wiley’s fault he was stabbed several times whilst they were in Napa). It has now gone as far as Wiley Kat offering Rascal a face to face confrontation to see if the latter would bring the “the same energy”.

Whilst it’s sad to see two of grimes best arguing over social media, its even worse when both have dropped extremely good albums this year and the genre they both helped pioneer is arguably more popular than it has ever been. Regardless of who’s side your on we believe it would be best if the beef was squashed privately.

Words – Martin Viashima @MartinViashima