Grim Sickers Gathers All Star Cast For Kane Remix

Grim Sickers is an MC fast making a name for himself. Signed by Mike Skinner onto the Meno Records label, Grim has once again upped the decibel levels with this all star remix of his monsterous track ‘Kane’. The track is popular for remixes, so far there has been a remix featuring JME, another one featuring Ghetts dubbed ‘Undertaker’ and a Kane remix done by RD but now, here’s another one if that wasn’t enough. Featuring P Money, Jaykae, Kurupt FM, President T and Funky Dee, each act have their own spin on the repetitive nature of the track and although to some, the basic bars may seem unnecessary or uninspired, the bars and flows are the unique charm for a track produced by Swifta Beater which makes an impact that’s simply hard to ignore.

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Dwayne Bickersteth