Crepe City 12 – Exclusive Recap

We waited and waited for Crepe City 12! The CC team did the most promotion on social media so far for this event, their 12th which marked their 5th year anniversary in the Sneaker event game. They got everyone excited with their details of the Huarache exhibition and exciting first ever collab with UK lace company Ropes Laces, plus promises of more streetwear, so we definitely had to get down there with our camera and soak up the atmosphere, sneakers and more.

This year the first thing we noticed and heard being discussed was that the amount of sellers was at the highest, however the quality of dead-stock selection was a lot weaker than previous events, there were a lot of recent releases on the tables and some of the prices made our eyes water, we of course saw lots of crazy heat and some vintage pieces as you would expect from the UK’s leading Sneaker event but sometimes quality over quantity is what pleases the crowd when it comes to sneakerheads. Our highlights among the tables however were the ladies tables run by Coco Mel, Small Feet, Big Kicks, Mighty Bouche and No Boys Allowed, they definitely fed the large amount of female sneakerheads we saw throughout the day

The sneakerheads and sneaker lovers were out in force as usual with an impressive display of dope sneakers, very good to see that the huarache hype didn’t infiltrate too much. As well as sneaker tables, there were some cool brands in the house, displaying and enticing customers with their sneaker related wares, such as: Jason Markk, Puma, Liqui Proof, Ropes Laces and Sneaky Wipes, this year UK clothing brands were fully represented with Hubert and Calvin, VA Garments, Dark Circle and newcomers Note Clothing standing out for us with their quality and selection. The size of Truman Brewery was used to its full potential on the day, with all of the rooms being used allowing the thousands of people that had queued for hours to spend an equal amount of time sneaker hunting, chatting and just chilling, with tunes banging out the speakers all day and food and drink flowing continually Crepe City 12 done the team proud.

We would like to Thank Ropes Laces, Sneaky Wipes and the Crepe City team for showing crazy love as always and Big up the guys we saw down there including Robert Brooks, Troy the Magician, Davo Howarth, From Virginia Ben, Kicks on the Moon, Jason Markk and the King of Trainers.

Trapped Photographers: Nicholas Sandzi –@NSandzi & @FlashSpacey


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