Crepe City 8 Is Coming


Sneakerheads all across England, you will be crazy gassed at this exciting news! Crepe City is Back!


The UK’s Premier Sneaker Fair is not trying to let us forget them, no way they are back and this time they are in Brick Lane on a hot day, the perfect place for great vibes and great food, what more could we ask for? Last time we were so far from a decent food place the team nearly cried! Crepe City is the sneaker event that you definitely know if your size is in stock then your wallet is gonna get punished. Are you gonna be there? Let us know.


Saturday 17th March


Truman Brewery, Brick Lane



If you have never been to Crepe City and Don’t know what to expect then Watch our Crepe City 7 recap video and then book your ticket.

Are you gonna be there? Let us know.




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