Apple-iWatch-is-Said-to-be-in-Development-with-100-Product-Designers-01-630x420APPLE iWATCH

Apple the company with the desire to make the very best products in the world

might be close to addressing their recent sales slump, that started in September, with the Apple iwatch. (Pics are tech geeks guesses at what it might look like)

Apple fans could soon be introduced to wearable technology, well at least its not another thing to bulk up our pockets and bags with, there are currently 100 product designers from across Apples many departments that are involved suggesting that we might see this Apple iwatch in production sometime soon.

We at Trap-ped are Apple fans there is no denying it, so yeah we are pretty happy to know that the company could be going in a new direction with the electronics industry.

Are you an Apple fan? Are u excited? Leave us a comment.

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