Adian Coker Spreads The Vibes With ‘Buena Vistas’

Here’s a brand new feelgood EP courtesy of rapper Adian Coker. Dropping on the Kitsune label which doubles up as not only a music label but a clothing brand too, Coker has lined up a six-track EP titled ‘Buena Vistas’.

The South London artist has been busy this year, recently performing at the Live At Leeds music festival and headlining his own show in Paris. Now, the artist presents to the world ‘Buena Vistas’, a project that has an uplifting tone which Coker amplifies, talking about topics such as love, the feeling of escaping, not giving on your dreams and reflection. Whether it is the sense of empowerment originating from the anthem that is ‘For Richer, For Poorer’, the food for thought that catches the imagination in ‘X’s’, the desire for success and not giving up in ‘Overtime’ or if it is the adept productions for the project, this is an EP where care has been considered in putting it together. Coker’s laid-back flow is effortless, he verses his way throughout the tracks with consummate ease.


Coker’s style of hip-hop is easy to the ear, skilful lyrics with pleasure beats makes for a harmonious project in ‘Buena Vistas’.

Find the EP on Coker’s SoundCloud’s page, the full EP is below.

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