7th August is the day in summer when dating officially peaks

Warmer weather, longer days and a healthy dose of vitamin D – summer truly is a prime time for dating.

In fact, new data released by dating app Plenty of Fish reveals that the 7th of August is officially the day during the summer season when dating activity peaks in the UK.

On this day last year the app saw a record 145K+ matches amongst members, with British singles fancying their last chances for a summer romance before cuffing season begins.

The data also shows single Brits are taking time to compose themselves before sliding into their date’s DM, with the average time between matching and sending the first message reported as 23.2 hours.

But even year-round the dating buzz shows no sign of subsiding with the app recording an average of 115,019 active conversations across the UK every single day.

Resident dating expert Eva Gallagher at Plenty of Fish shares her top tips to help single Brits stand-out and set themselves up for dating success this summer:

  • Be yourself – Summer can be a busy time to navigate for dating, but it’s also a great time to embrace the best version of yourself and stand out from the crowd. Always aim to show up as your true authentic self and don’t dull your shine for anyone!
  • Embrace dating with confidence – There’s no time like the present, so don’t be afraid to message first or ask someone out on a date. 78% of our members have their dating goals listed on their profile, which is a great way to be intentional and confident with your approach. You’ll reap the rewards of being honest and open!
  • Take your dates outside – It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing the same things when planning a date, but summer is a great opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. Head for a walk in nature, picnic, hike or even to the beach with your date to make the most of the sunshine and balmy temps.