Exclusive Interview with Yung Fume

Yung Fume has released a trio of mixtapes entitled ‘Too Much Wave’, ‘Noughts and Crosses’ and ‘Noughts and Crosses 2’ and has now completed the Noughts and Crosses trilogy with the latest instalment ‘Noughts and Crosses 3’ which dropped on June 23rd. With his crossover rap/pop banger ‘Watch me Flex’ being remixed by both Tinie Tempah and Wizkid The South London Rapper has a lot to be excited for as we storm in to Summer.

We sat down with Yung Fume to discuss Noughts and Crosses 3, Growing up in South London, Having his own clothing brand & what the future holds.

Tell us a little about your childhood growing up Thornton Heath?

I had a normal childhood, growing up I played football from 8-13. 13 onwards I got kind of caught up in the roads. It was normal for me, because when you’re on the road that’s the only way you know until you take on something else and realise that you were doing the madness. Throughout all of this I always kept music close to me, I knew my direction in life and where I wanted to be.

When did you first decide to start music?

I started at 11/12, I used to be to producer to my friends, we all used to go to my house and make tunes as I had the mic and the recording system.

Where did the name ‘Yung Fume’ come from?

Being on the streets, my older brother was called Fume so I took the name Yung Fume.



What was the creative process behind Noughts and Crosses 3?

Noughts and Crosses 3 didn’t follow the same creative process as the other two mixtapes. For me the creative process was being in the studio, I didn’t have a set plan as to how I was going to create it. I was just keeping everything natural, going to shows, creating tracks, working with beats and through that I accumulated over 50 tracks, where the best 14 of tracks made it on the mixtape.

What is your Favourite Track from the mixtape?

‘Look what I Did’ Featuring AJ Tracy

When you’re in the studio do you experiment with beats and see how it goes or is it a regimented way?

I make all types of music, I want to hear and feel the beat before I jump on it. If it works for me, I’ll make a track. I’m not one of those rappers who only stick to one type of music and do not want to experiment. I’m here to enjoy making music and giving something back to the fans.

Talk us through the reception you received from “Watch me flex” & the Remixes.

The first time I heard the beat in the studio I knew it was going to be a banger, I had that feeling. Tinie had been following me on the socials for a while and as soon as I dropped the video he hit me up and said he wanted to remix it. It went from Tinie, to Wiz Kid to Ty Dolla. It was all natural, I didn’t plan anything. The same way you guys woke up and saw the tweet, it was the same for me. I woke up and my phone was popping off. I was also invited to perform the tune at Wireless this year.


Does mixing with artists that are selling numbers and have huge followings act as an incentive for you to go harder or do you sometimes have to remind yourself to stay grounded?

To be real, not really, I’m in it for myself not for anyone else. I know my music is being received well and falling on the right ears. In terms of staying grounded, I keep it simple, lock myself in the studio and just work, let the music talk.

You recently had your headline show in Kamio,  Shoreditch. Did you receive the support from your fans you expected?

I sold out the show, that’s when I knew my fans were down for me. To be on the stage in front of 500 people who are all here for you is kind of unheard for a first show. The kind of norm is starting at 200 odd capacities and working your way up. It did make me realise a lot of things.

How do you deal with the pressure of dropping banger after banger? Fans expect you to keep the levels raised

I make a lot of music and have certain bangers; its how my fans receive it. I feel everything I’ve put out has received positive press from the fans.

What has been your biggest success in your Music Career so far?

My headline show in May.

Are there any UK/US artists you would like to work with?

I’m open to work with anyone but if I had to choose one it would be Future.

What people Inspire you to make the music that you make?

My inspiration is music in general. The people that inspire me every day are my people like, Morgan Keyz & Dumi Oburota (Tinie’s manager). They remind me why I’m doing this and show me how I can elevate my game to a different level whilst staying focused.

Grenfell Tower has been a massive tragedy in the London community and a lot of Music artists have expressed their sympathies and shown support for the victims, what are your thoughts on the Grenfell Tower incident?

I’m not one for social media; I feel that social media people are looking for any opportunity for the spotlight. Personally I think it’s mental how a fire can cause devastation like that to a block of flats in 2017. My advice to everyone – Don’t watch the news because its propaganda, go out there and help the victims in need, we have to unite as a community and stand up. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families in this hard time.



Can you tell us about your relationship with Streetwear brand Marbek? We’ve seen you plugging them on a lot on social media.

Marbek are my people, I’ve been good mates with the owners for a while now. It’s a case of helping out your mandem, I plug their clothing and have shot videos for their collection and vice-versa, they plug my music and had a couple pop-up stalls at my shows. It’s all love, we have to all prosper together.

On the island🌴🌴

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You have your own fashion brand, Wave Clothing can you tell us the motivation behind that?

The clothing brand was another avenue to make some money and affiliate my fans with my brand. It was also a way to help my friends make some money on the side too. It started small, with the wave jackets, and then it moved to jumpers and so forth.





You have just dropped a Mixtape and have a busy Summer talk us through what we can expect to come up for the rest of the year?

My latest mixtape Noughts and Crosses 3 has just dropped. I’m at Love Box and Wireless festivals this summer. I’m Due to perform my 2nd headline show in November and I’m starting my tour in early 2018. It’s all falling into place now.

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