Throw Back Thursday 1: Crepe City 7 – Exclusive Recap

We sometimes forget how far Trapped has come in the short space of 2 and a half years, we have started our Throw back Thursday series where we get to look back at some of the highlights of our journey through the Culture that we love.

We start our series off with our first ever sneaker event video which we shot at Crepe City 7 in June 2013, the man behind the camera Co-Founder Fizzel Castro and the team got some footage of a lot of faces that are now very close friends of Trapped and have gone on to become very influential in the sneaker culture including Crep-Potect Co-founder J2K, The King of Trainers & Juice Gee ( Small Feet Big Kicks & The Unisex Mode), watch the video below and see how many you recognise.

Video: Fizzel Castro – @FizzelCastro


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