One of Wu-Tang Clan is Suing the Group for $2.5 M

Legendary Hiphop group Wu-Tang Clan has been tainted with in house beef and squabbles over the years, now it looks like the Staten Island Collective is under fire from within once again.

U-God is the latest member to publicise his problems with the Wu, he is suing the crew for “unpaid royalties,” claiming that he hasn’t been properly compensated for his work with the act for the past six years. According to court documents, U-God claims he has worked on 170 songs and 12 joint albums with the Wu-Tang Clan, and hasn’t been receiving his contractually-obligated checks for merchandise profits. For a resolution to the problem, U-God is demanding $2.5 million USD minimum and requesting a thorough audit of Wu-Tang Clan’s sources of revenue.

Check out the full TMZ story here.


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